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10:30am - 12:00pm
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Rob Ficiur
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Simplifying Instruction in a Multi-graded Classroom
How can I teach all these grades at once? Nothing in my university training prepared me for this?
Simplifying Instruction in a Multi-graded Classroom Rob Ficiur, M.Ed. robficiur@gmail.com “Teacher, your new assignment is a multi-graded classroom…” Challenge: How much university training or professional development have most teachers had to prepare them to juggle a three (or five) ring curriculum circus? Most are overwhelmed as they face so many grades at once. How do teachers explain to parents that the students are getting the education they deserve as teacher tries to juggle two or more curriculum at once? Solution: Teacher friendly resources are available to help reduce teacher planning time and still cover the curriculum. Solution: Classroom organization is key to juggling the potentially overwhelming curriculum facing a multi-graded classroom. Solution: There are advantages to teaching in a multi-graded classroom. Find out how teaching more than one grade in a classroom can benefit student learning. This session will -provide practical strategies, practical structures, routines and resources that teacher can use in their classroom the next day. -remove the isolation multi-graded classroom teachers feel. Teachers will be able to phone a friend and find out how others have dealt with the challenges they face
-Taught 28 of 29 years in a multi-graded classroom in a multi-graded classroom a Hutterite Colony School. -Editor / Writer of the Hutterite Teachers’ Newsletter since 1994. The goal of the quarterly newsletter is to share practical teaching ideas that can be implemented by teachers. Co-author of: Creating Inclusive School Communities for Hutterite Students A Handbook for Colony Teachers and Administrators ATA Educational Trust Projects (2006) -Alberta Distance Learning Centre (Provincial) Hutterite Education Committee (2014 – present) -Alberta Distance Learning Center Colony teachers blog (weekly) (2015 – present) When I looked at all the grades in one room, I asked the question that every multi-graded classroom teacher wonders "How can I teach all these grades at once?" Once you start teaching two grades at once teaching changes to fit the new reality. During last 28 years I have (through trial and error) specific structures, routines and strategies that can help teachers survive then thrive in the multi-graded three ring circus.

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