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12:30pm - 2:00pm
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Pamela Dos Ramos
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Truth and Reconciliation: ArtShare Project
Art Project between Tatsikiisaapo'p Middle School, Kainai Board of Education and Sir John Franklin Middle School, Calgary Board of Education evolves into other collaborations.
The key purpose of this project is to support the Blackfoot Indigenous youth involved who face and have overcome adversity in their young lives through their resiliency-through arts based learning and collaboration with their non-Indigenous peers. Thus the Truth and Reconciliation piece is a key component to supporting, guiding and sustaining this project. Collaboration between the two groups has created opportunities for the students to gain foundational knowledge of Blackfoot culture, through the voices and the lens of the youth. It also provides a safe space for both groups to inquire, learn together and increase the knowledge and awareness of who the Blackfoot people are and how the historical relationship between Canada and the First Nations people has impacted all generations - inter-generationally -including the group we are working with. The hope is that by addressing and exploring past, and present issues between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Canada with these two groups - we will help to break down any barriers, stereo types and open up a space for respect and understanding. Information on past and present collaborations will be presented.
Pamela Dos Ramos, M.A. Ph.D., and Brenda Johnston, M.A. are Human Rights Educators for the Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre. They do presentations at schools and create resources for the Centre. Andrea Fox is District Principal of F.N.M.I. Education, Lethbridge School District No. 51.

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